About Us

About Us

Jerry started Diversified Lending in 2005 as a response to a need for open, competitive, transparent lending practices. His business has steadily grown through referrals, partnerships with local professionals, and word-of-mouth. His home loan practices are diligent and thorough, and he strives to serve as best mortgage broker in town. He prides himself on his business' success even despite the ups and downs of the housing and financial markets.

Jerry loves helping people.

Jerry has worked as a mortgage broker in CO for over a decade. When he’s not chasing down the best possible rates and working with local Colorado buyers, he enjoys spending time with his family, wife and two kids, golfing, and hiking. Jerry’s areas of expertise are:

Mortgage Lending
Colorado Markets
VA Funding

Our Mission

We educate and empower our clients to:
  • Understand the mortgage process and their options
  • Choose from a variety of lenders and loans
  • Make smart, long-term buying and refinancing choices
  • Get the home of their dreams, in their budget

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Whether you are looking to buy or to refinance, we can help educate you to make the best decision for your home financing decision.

  • We Work with Many LendersYou want to make sure your broker has a portfolio of diverse lenders, so you get the best interest rate possible. Some brokers will work with just one or two lenders because they get a better commission. At Diversified Lending, we shop around and make sure that you get the best possible rate.
  • We Empower You to ChooseWe want to earn your business. Your home loan is ultimately your choice and we see our role as being the expert in your corner. We're ready to advise you on all the steps of the process so that you can make the most informed decision.

Our Credentials

We work with these local agencies and groups to stay connected in our local community. Diversified Lending has been in business for over a decade, and our local connections have made us who we are today.